School Finder

School Finder

Your personalized guide to schools in your area!

Your personalized guide to schools in your area! is the nation's leading online guide to K-12 schools, including objective information for public, private, and charter schools.

For Florida and the entire U.S., RAMB and provides detailed school profiles in a premium easy-to-use service with no annoying banner advertising - it's another RAMB exclusive for our members. will allow you to qualify prospective clients.

GreatSchool features include:

  • Search capabilities for public, private and charter schools by state, city, school district, county and street address
  • School test scores, demographic profiles, enrollment, and contact information
  • Parent ratings and reviews
  • Tools to compare schools
  • Help for parents - trustworthy advice on variety of topics (communicating with teachers, special education system, etc.
  • Parent-friendly articles and email newsletters on a wide range of education-related topics
  • Plus much more . . . check it out right now


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